Message from the Principal

Education is a life-long process. At Columba College we have an educational environment that is unique in Dunedin where five year old children are educated in the same school as young women about to move on to tertiary education. It is our aim to inspire in each student, of whatever age, a love of learning and an understanding that education matters enormously.


We want our students to think critically and creatively, to respond generously and compassionately and to live by values that have stood the test of time. Our graduates, about to begin the next stage of their education, are independent, self-confident, future-focussed young women with responsible attitudes who are prepared to work hard and to contribute to  society.

We believe that individuals can make a difference, and part of a Columba education is having opportunities to lead and serve, both within the school community and beyond. Participation in a wide range of sporting and cultural activities helps to instill in students a sense of teamwork, fair play and how to interact positively with others for the good of all.

Excellence is an important feature of a Columba education. We take pride in the College’s outstanding academic record and in the many outstanding achievements of our students. High standards are set, and excellence is encouraged and praised in all fields of endeavour.

This is achieved in a family atmosphere, set on a campus overlooking the city of Dunedin and featuring both heritage and state-of-the-art facilities. Our staff are highly qualified and committed to the overall well-being and progress of their students.

Our students will be tomorrow’s leaders, ready to serve, contribute and succeed in a global environment.

Juliette Hayes JP BA, Dip Tchg, MEd (Hons)