Homestay provides International students with an opportunity to participate fully in New Zealand family life and learn to speak conversational English. Many International students report their homestay experience has helped them become independent, self-sufficient and more confident socially.

In any event, there are robust procedures for the selection and monitoring of homestay caregivers by the International Director.

Firstly, each potential homestay family is interviewed to ensure a positive, constructive, caring atmosphere; one that is physically safe and emotionally healthy.

Secondly, the residence is inspected by the Director to ensure a clean, warm and secure private bedroom is on offer with proper furniture and linen, that there is a study desk, chair and good lighting, with Internet access, smoke alarms and first aid supplies ready to hand.

All successful candidates are vetted by the NZ Police as suitable caregivers to young women.

Students and host parents are interviewed separately each term. If, for any reason, a girl is unhappy with her homestay, she will be relocated.

The International Director is available at all times to International students and host parents.