Pastoral Care

The quality of pastoral care is a strength of the International Department. In addition to the normal issues of being a young woman, International students have the added pressures of living in a different culture, missing friends and family, and excelling academically in a foreign language.

The International Director is responsible for Pastoral Care.  She is always available and every girl has her cell-phone number. In addition, International students have ready access to the School Counsellor, the Careers Adviser, the School Chaplain, the Year level Deans, their Form teachers and Boarding House staff or Homestay parents.

Importantly, in 1989 (revised in 2010) legislation was passed establishing detailed guidelines for the Pastoral Care of International Students. The Code is administered and monitored by the NZ Ministry of Education. Columba College is a signatory to the NZ Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students, and its International programmes and practices are designed to comply with the Code.

Each year International Students are briefed on the Code and made aware of the Complaint Procedures it affords them.