On Campus Living

Our boarders are offered a unique experience of being able to board on the College campus which means they have ready access to their classrooms and the ability to utilise the College facilities outside of school hours.  This includes access to the sports centre, tennis court, music and art rooms.

Boarders dine together in our dining-room and on school days have their lunch at the boarding house, where they are welcome to bring day girls to socialise with.

Year 9 Boarder talks to senior boarder

The junior boarders (Year 8-10) enjoy large, spacious dormitories which allow the girls to enjoy a community style of living. 

Year 12 and 13 boarders have well-appointed dormitory areas, affording girls more privacy and generous study areas in their rooms.  Senior girls are encouraged to take more responsibility for the everyday tasks of daily living.   

IMG 0454

All girls have access to various sitting rooms, study areas, and a recreation room. Wireless Internet is available throughout the campus and personal device use is permitted at regular periods during the day.   

Weekends are just like weekends at home, when boarders can relax and enjoy each other’s company and the attractions Dunedin has to offer.  Structured activities and outings are regularly organised for our junior boarders but seniors are welcome to join in too. 


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