Service and Volunteering

Service and volunteering opportunities are an integral part of a Columba education. The opportunities provided focus on empowering and developing individuals to make a difference in their school and local communities and also globally, to act with compassion and understanding and without partiality and discrimination.

Students actively support local, national and international charities, and most fundraising initiatives are student-led.

Students are also able to serve their own school community in a variety of ways:

After School Care (helping in our Years 0 to 8 After School Care programme)
Class Senior (to a Junior School or Intermediate Department class)
Coaching and refereeing
Leading a club or captaining a sports team
Lunch-hour supervision (Junior School)
Peer tutoring
Road Patrol
School Canteen
Tech Angel


Caitlin Addison, Year 13



Caitlin Addison raised awareness of the plight of the abducted Nigerian school girls. She established a Facebook group called Campaign to Free the Girls of Nigeria and also contacted friends at other schools to join the campaign. The “Green and White” Ribbon Day organised by Caitlin with the help of other Year 13 girls was very well supported by Columba students, and by a number of other schools in New Zealand.

Caitlin was quoted in The ODT as saying, We’re asking the students to wear either green or white ribbons in their hair to support the girls of Nigeria, to try to raise awareness.  The aim of the Ribbon Day is to show the Nigerian Government that the whole world is watching and following the story of the Nigerian schoolgirls, and that we want action to be taken, and that we want these girls to be able to return to their families and to their education.