Sports Council

The Sports Council was established in 2011 to provide further support for the College’s sports programme through the involvement of enthusiastic and knowledgeable parents, coaches and staff.


Pathway to Excellence for All.

The Council plays a key role at the college and this is achieved by:

- Identifying and creating opportunities for participation and excellence in all sports
- Developing coaches, including students
- Fostering talent
- Inspiring Staff, Coaches and Students
- Realising potential
- Supporting all sports through providing resources and assistance

The current Sports Council executive is

Peter Turner – Chair

Fiona Smith – Secretary

Dougal McGowan – Treasurer

The Council has a Charter to guide its activities, and this is available on request through the Chairperson.

The key activities for the Council are:

- Hosting an annual Golf Tournament in early Spring. This is well supported by all involved at Columba, including local businesses; it is a fun event for all and is the Council’s main fundraiser for its core activities.
- The running of a cattle scheme which allows anyone to be involved in a rural opportunity, and provides further funds for sports teams
- The sale of Beanies and Blankets which contribute to replacement of sports uniforms
- To provide Sports Scholarships for students who have gained National representation
- To support key Sporting events including the Sports Day and Awards evening
- To support the Sports Director with activities outside school’s direct funding

The Council welcomes new members to continue this support for Sport at Columba. We welcome you to be involved by contacting the school office.

Parent Help and Support

To be able to successfully create opportunities for our students to both participate (either socially or competitively) and enhance their performance level requires the services of many personnel in various roles. We would gladly appreciate any assistance that either you or anyone else you know could offer, whether it be in a coaching, managing or umpiring/refereeing capacity.

Please contact the Teacher in Charge of the sport if you are able to help in any way. Their email is listed under the individual sports.

Parent/Caregiver Fair Play Code of Conduct

As a parent/Caregiver, you can set the right tone and help make the game a success. We would appreciate if you would adhere to the following Fair play expectations.

- Encourage your daughter and her teammates in their efforts in sport
- Respect your daughter’s efforts the same regardless of whether she has won or lost
- Never place undue pressure on your daughter to play or perform
- Display self-control on the sideline – treat the coach, game officials and opposition players with courtesy and respect
- Make an effort to understand the rules of the game
- Encourage your daughter to play within the rules of the game and by the principles of Fair Play.