Sport at Columba College

Columba College recognises that sporting activities play an important part in helping students reach their full potential and in nurturing their overall well-being.

That is part of the mission of Columba College and, in association with the Sports Council, the College’s aim is to provide the best possible coaching, resources and facilities, and give students the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of sports and sporting activities. As well its reputation for academic excellence, Columba College is achieving sporting excellence and is recognised for its high achievements in many sports, with the added distinction of having eleven present students representing New Zealand.

There is something for everyone, from the high achiever in sport who becomes an Otago representative, or who is awarded a South Island or national distinction, to the girl who enjoys playing social sport.  Personal fitness and healthy activity for students while at Columba College is strongly encouraged, coupled with a longer-term focus of developing leisure activities and pursuits for the years beyond school. 

Annual Inter-House sporting competitions are held, and all Year 7 to 13 students participate in the Athletics and Swimming Sports. Columba College joins with John McGlashan College in annual Summer and Winter Tournaments with St. Andrew's College, along with the annual Winter Quadrangular Tournament with Craighead Diocesan School, St. Hilda's Collegiate School and St. Margaret's College.

A key objective is to provide maximum participation and achievement, and with over 90 per cent participation the College has achieved and maintained considerable success in many of the sports it offers, both on the regional and national level. 



Columba College now has a Facebook page to cover their Sporting successes. Like and follow the page to keep up to date with sports results, highlights, achievements and upcoming events here at Columba College.


Columba College Sports Council Sports Scholarships 2019

Click here to read about the Sports scholarships offered in 2019 and how to apply. Applications close 1 December 2018.


Sports Center









Sports Staff





Mrs Christie Sinclair

Head of Physical Education and Health

Miss Dayna Turnbull

Director of Sport

Mrs Megan Graamans

Sports Co-ordinator Years 3-8


Sports Prefects

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D.O.B: 20/06/2000
Role: Sports Prefect
School History: Boarder since Year 9
Siblings: Two Younger Brothers – Mitch and Todd
Favourite Subject: Design
Favourite Sport: Hockey and Athletics
Favourite Food: Salmon and Orange Salad
Favourite Drink: Spirulina Slam Smoothie
Favourite Movie: Kingsmans – The Secret Service
Favourite Song: Options – Post Malone
‘Go to’ dance move: The Wop
Quote which best sums you up: "Ah well, what can you do"
What do you want to be when you grow up: Architect or something to do with Sport Science
Favourite memory at Columba: Winning Gold in 2015 at Athletics Nationals
What will you miss most when you leave: Living with my best mates
Biggest Inspiration: Jessica Ennis-Hill


D.O.B: 30/10/2000
Role: Deputy Sports Prefect
School History: Day Girl since Year 9
Siblings: Older Sister – Annika and Younger Brother – Tyler
Favourite Subject: P.E
Favourite Sport: Netball and Volleyball
Favourite Food: Any Type of Chicken
Favourite Drink: Banana Milk
Favourite Movie: Monsters Inc
Favourite Song: Marinade, Dope Lemon
‘Go to’ dance move: Easily the Macarena
Quote which best sums you up: "Would be rude not to"
What do you want to be when you grow up: Hopefully something to do with Psychology
Favourite memory at Columba: Relays at 2014 Athletics Nationals
What will you miss most when you leave: Having a canteen account
Biggest Inspiration: My family for sure