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2019 International Orientation Handbook.

International students are met on arrival at Dunedin Airport.

The International Department then provides:

  • A tour of the school campus with opportunities to meet teachers.
  • A “buddy system” whereby new girls have a fellow student to look after them.
  • A carefully prepared handbook explaining school systems, rules and procedures.
  • A review of the school’s medical insurance policy and emergency contacts.
  • A review of the New Zealand Code of Practice.
  • Assistance with subject choices and timetables.
  • Assistance with the purchase of a school uniform, opening a bank account, having the necessary stationery and other equipment.
  • A tour of Dunedin.

To enjoy the benefits of eLearning, all International students (like the local Columba students) are required to have a MacBook Pro 13” laptop or MacBook Air 13” laptop.

The Director will help with purchasing arrangements as needed.