Our Mission and Values

The school’s mission and values stem from its special character and that ‘The life and teaching of Jesus informs the way we live’. The school’s motto gratia et disciplina bona (with grace and good discipline) is integral to Columba College’s philosophy.

With grace and good discipline, we are dedicated to all Columba College students being lifelong learners committed to personal excellence, ethical behaviour and service to others. We want them to  participate and contribute as informed, responsible and compassionate citizens of Aotearoa and the global community. As a result we value GRACE in all of its meanings:

a) Elegance, style, poise, charm b) Respect, good manners, politeness, decency and c) a Christian meaning of the love and mercy of God given freely to us.

We also break GRACE down into 5 component parts to explain the whole:

Good Discipline