Best wishes from the Columba College Foundation

03 December 2017

Best wishes from the Columba College Foundation

2017 has been an exciting year for the Columba College Foundation with our launch marking an important milestone for the future role the Foundation will play in supporting the development of the College. 

As Trustees, the months since the launch have involved developing our processes, policies and procedures, not particularly glamourous work but important never the less!

In 2018, you can expect to see more from the Foundation as we get in behind the College’s key campus development projects. We will also be seeking to build stronger connections with our alumni and friends of the College be they former staff, parents or grandparents. One of the first opportunities to do this will be a joint event in Wanaka with John McGlashan College in March.

There are many families who have long-standing connections with Columba College that span generations and honouring this legacy is important to us. The Foundation recently received a generous donation from the Anderson Family of Outram, whose history with the College stretches back to 1917 when Jean Mary Harrison attended as one of Columba’s first students.

Jean was on campus when peace was declared, signalling the end of WW1 and was part of the celebrations at school. In her graduating year she was first in Napping and Fancy Work (needlework) and second in Scripture and Botany.

Since then nine of Jean’s great nieces (grandchildren and great grandchildren of her sister June) have followed in her footsteps and worn the Dove with pride, the most recent Kayla Godkin in 2016.

The Foundation would like to thank the Anderson family for their investment into the future of Columba College, we look forward to continuing to grow the family’s long history with the College.

On behalf of the Columba College Foundation, I would like to thank all of you who have supported us this year and wish you all peace and blessings this Christmas.

Michael Crosbie
Chair, Columba College Foundation