Mathletics Medals

04 December 2017

Mathletics Medals
Year 8 students posing with their Mathletics medals — Olivia Norris-Heenan, Nicole O'Brien and Renee Mosley


Congratulations to all students who gained medals for their great use of the Mathletics Learning Tool.

During the year all of our Years 7 to 10 Mathematics and Statistics classes have used the online Mathletics Learning Tool. Each completed set activities and time spent on Live earns points. 


This year the following students were awarded with medals for their great use of Mathletics.


3rd Place: Renee Mosley 31 929 points

2nd Place: Olivia Norris-Heenan 33 427 points

1st Place: Nicole O'Brien 38 495 points