Our People

He aha te mea nui o tea o. He tangata, he tangata, he tangata. What is the most important thing in the world? It is people, it is people, it is people.

Columba College has an experienced, caring, collegial teaching and support staff who build strong relationships with students and the community.

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Senior Leadership Staff 


Mrs Pauline Duthie 

Head of Schools

Ms Emma Harris 

Columba College Teacher
Head of Junior School

Mrs Marion Hogg 

Chemistry Teacher
Head of Middle School

Ms Julie Armstrong-Homan 

Geography and Social Studies
Head of Senior School

Mrs Lauren Piebenga 


Year 7 and 8

Miss Ashley Wilson 

Junior School

Miss Vivienne Eason

Year 9 and 10

Ms Teresa Andrew

Senior School

Mrs Christie Sinclair 

International Students

Mrs Julie Elliotte 

Religious Studies Teacher

Dr Jennifer Macleod 

Heads of Departments 

HoD Chemistry
Specialist Classroom Teacher

Mr Aaron Everett  

Classics Teacher
HoD Classics
HoD English

Mr John Hayden 

Commerce Teacher
HoD Commerce (Years 9 to 13)
Director of Agribusiness

Mrs Suzanne Bishop 

Year 13 teacher
HoD Geography (Years 11 to 13)
HoD Social Studies  (Years 7 to 10)

Mrs Alena Wafer 

HoD Technology

Mr Justin Scott 

TiC Health

Ms Jessica Lach 

HoD History (Years 11 to 13)
Careers Adviser (Years 11 to 13)

Ms Kathryn Evans 

International Languages Teacher
HoD International Languages            (Years 4 to 13)

Mr Andrew Moore 

HoD Biology (Years 12 and 13)

Ms Chantal Hillier 

Columba College Visual Arts Teacher
HoD Visual Arts (Years 7 to 13)

Mr Steve Shaw 

Physics and Science Teacher
HoD Physics (Years 11 to 13)
HoD Science (Years 7 to 11)

Mr Ben Duckett 

Mathematics & Statistics Teacher
HoD Mathematics & Statistics      (Years 7 to 13)

Mr Joseph Chambers 

Columba College Music Teacher
TiC Music (Years 7 to 13)

Mrs Sarah Casbolt 

Physical Education and Health Co-ordinator
HoD Physical Education (Years 7 to 13)

Mrs Christie Sinclair 

Support Team

EA to Principal

Mrs Liz Gold 

Office Manager

Ms Dawn Hope 

Columba College School Secretary
School Secretary

Ms Jan McKnight 

Science Technician
Science Technician

Mrs Robyn MacKay 

Columba College IT Support
IT Support

Mr Saul Moore 


Ms Neresa Hall   


Mrs Mary Milne   

Finance Team

Director of Finance

Mrs Angela Barton

Columba College Finance Officer
Finance Officer

Mrs Mel Black

Columba College Accounts Administrator
Accounts Administrator

Ms Julie Sabiston