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Our Performance

Columba College has a long tradition of educational excellence, whether it be in academic, sporting, artistic, cultural or service spheres. Our reputation is for offering students opportunities to succeed and grow so that they are aware of the possibilities that exist and have the skills they need to create the future they want for themselves.

Why a Girls’ School? 

From Year 7, Columba College is a girls’ only school. As our students work through the challenges of adolescence in middle school and senior school they are doing so in a learning environment dedicated to girls. The research shows that girls’ schools create a culture of academic achievement and girls are more likely to study and pursue a career in non-traditional areas such as science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Further, girls’ schools reflect how girls learn and establish an aspirational environment which builds self-confidence and leadership.

Columba College belongs to the Australasian Alliance of Girls’ Schools. Information is available on their website www.agsa.org.au .

Our Performance 

NCEA Results

We are proud of the academic achievement of our students who perform extremely well in NCEA and University Entrance.

ERO Report

Please click here to view our 2022 ERO Report.