Meet our Principal

We live in a diverse and ever changing world. Globalisation, economic and social reform as well as technological advancement have transformed the world we know. As educators we have a responsibility to prepare our young people for the world they will be living in. As Louise Stoll so aptly put it “we are not educating our children for our past but their future.”

I am extremely proud to be leading Columba College as we embrace these challenges by offering opportunities for personal development through both curricular programmes and co-curricular activities which equip students to succeed in the world beyond school. Our aim is to instill in every student a love of learning and an understanding that education matters. We set high standards for ourselves and support our students to achieve their best in all areas of school life.

A good education is the lightest thing we can carry with us through life and the one thing no-one can steal from us. As we peer into a future that we cannot predict, as we eagerly (or not so eagerly) grasp the latest technology, as we grapple with climate change and inequalities, as we talk casually of working electronically and globally, that is what we need to remember.

I firmly believe Columba College offers a quality education for your child and I warmly encourage you to see what this special school has to offer.

Principal Pauline Duthie