Enrichment and Extension

Our philosophy is to enrich the curriculum for all students and to provide opportunities for everyone which extend and challenge.

Enrichment and extension opportunities at Columba are numerous, diverse and available at all Year levels from the Junior School through to the Senior School.  We aim to offer something for everyone and believe that all students should have access to enrichment and extension activities.

We provide these opportunities through

  • an extensive co-curricular programme of cultural and sporting activities and clubs
  • Gifted and Talented programmes
  • our outdoor education programme
  • community service
  • student exchanges
  • leadership development
  • participation in inter-school events and competitions
  • support for digital literacy and independent eLearning
  • school-wide activities such as Cultural Week, International Week, International Languages Week and Book Week
  • visiting speakers and assembly and lunch-hour talks and presentations
  • a global and international awareness and focus
  • a multi-cultural school culture

These opportunities are additional to the differentiated learning programmes in time-tabled classes which also provide enrichment and extension.

The culture of the College develops confident young women who are motivated to achieve their potential and who leave school with an enjoyment of life-long learning and an enthusiasm to share their talents and abilities with others.

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