Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care has been a fundamental feature of the College since its foundation in 1915 when young primary children as well as teenage boarders were in its care.

Since those early days the idea of a school family where members care for and are mutually responsible for one another has been carefully nurtured to include programmes such as Peer Support, Peer Tutoring and Class Seniors which provide senior girls with leadership roles with younger students.

The key objective of pastoral care is to foster each student's sense of well-being and to nurture her self-esteem as she develops emotionally, socially, intellectually and spiritually.

The Pastoral Care network at Columba consists of form teachers, Deans, the School Counsellor, the Director of Boarding, the International Dean and Homestay Manager, the HOD Religious Studies, the Peer Support Co-ordinator, the Special Needs Co-ordinators, the Assistant Principal, the Deputy Principal and the Principal. Regular meetings of the Student Support Committee are held where there is a particular focus on students with special needs in academic, personal and social areas.

Orientation programmes are held in November prior to entry the following year for Years 7 and 9 students, and all new girls who enter the School during a year are assigned a "buddy".

In the first few weeks of Term One a Year 9 day outing is held which is also attended by the Year 13 Peer Support Prefect, Deputy Peer Support Prefect and Peer Support Leaders.

Two barbecue and games evenings are also held early in Term One for Years 7 and 8, and Year 9 students. These are at school and are organised and attended by the Year 13 Peer Support Prefect, Peer Support Leaders and as many Year 13 students as possible.

From the time students begin at Columba great emphasis is placed on participation and interacting with others in a range of school activities. Through participation and engaging in teamwork and leadership opportunities, students learn about themselves and others and become confident members of the school and wider community.