Years 7 and 8

Years 7 and 8 (Intermediate Department)

Year 7 is an important entry point for day girls with most of the students entering the College at Year 7 level coming from a wide cross-section of primary schools in the city. During the first term especially our focus for them is successful integration into Year 7.

The girls at these levels benefit from having classes with specialist teachers and contact with the Years 9 to 13 students.

Years 7 to 13 students join for whole-school occasions and activities such as assemblies and Chapel services, Athletics and Swimming Sports, Cross Country, International, Book and Cultural Weeks. This enhances the “family spirit” of the College through older and younger students getting to know one another better. Students in Years 12 and 13 also enjoy the leadership opportunity provided by being a Class Senior to a Year 7 or 8 class.

The Years 7 and 8 curriculum is closely aligned with the secondary curriculum, with Heads of Department responsible for curriculum cohesion from Years 7 to 13.

The Years 7 and 8 Form classes are based upstairs in the Hall Block.

The school-day starts at 8.30 a.m. and ends at 3.30 p.m.

There are two Year level Deans who are responsible for the day-to-day management of the Intermediate Department and the pastoral care and well-being of the Years 7 and 8 girls.

Year 7 Dean

Mrs Chris Cheyne

Year 8 Dean

Mrs Anwyn Walker




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