Years 9 to 13

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Columba College has made a promise, through its Charter: That all students will actively engage in the pursuit of their highest academic outcomes, as underpinned by the New Zealand Curriculum and measured by NCEA and National Standards.

For students in Years 9 and 10 the curriculum is a unified and purposeful programme of learning that prioritises literacy and numeracy as the basis for all learning, and builds foundations in the skills and content required to be successful students in future learning, as evidenced by standardised assessments. We believe learning a language other than English is an essential skill. We are a leading school for girls in digital technology, with courses offering a balance of media and coding that will build foundation skills for many academic and career pathways in the future. Girls have experienced success in the commerce fields for many years at Columba College, beginning with the foundation of economics at Years 9 and 10. The arts are another strength of the College, with academic courses in visual arts and music enhanced by the significant extra-curricular opportunities in these fields.

For our Year 11, 12 and 13 students we aim to provide a senior curriculum that maximises opportunities to meet the learning aspirations and achievements of each student, and that encourages all students to identify, seek out and achieve personal excellence in learning, as evidenced by the NCEA. Our curriculum remains broad in the senior school, and our NCEA and Scholarship results remain among the highest in New Zealand. At this level we are flexible in what and how the girls can access their subject choices: some study through the Otago Polytechnic or University of Otago; some through Te Kura (the Correspondence School). Our partnership with John McGlashan College allows senior girls and boys from each College to access specialist subjects at the other school.

To achieve these aims we provide highly qualified, committed and experienced teachers, a diverse range of options including those delivered through other organisations, and a high standard of resources.


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