The Columba College Foundation

Today’s Columba College is the legacy of those who came before us. Their vision and generosity are realised by every student, every day. 

To offer excellent education for our students, we are reliant on the support of our past and present families, alumni and the generous contributions of those who share our values.

The Columba College Foundation looks beyond the daily running of the school, supporting long-term capital projects and activities that cannot be met from school fees. The Foundation supports two priority areas.

Special Character

We have a proud history of providing education of the highest quality - academic, sporting, arts and cultural, and spiritual. The Foundation will support initiatives which encourage students to reach their full potential in all areas of College life.


Education begins when students step on to our grounds for the first time. Our beautiful campus is a special feature of the College with a blend of historic buildings and first-class modern facilities.

The Foundation will preserve, enhance, and develop the unique campus we have inherited, blending tradition with innovation to continue to provide top quality education and high quality buildings.


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