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Our Values Defined


• Wear the school and sports uniforms correctly and with pride
• Be at school on time and at all classes on time
• Bring notes in advance if you are going to be absent from school
• Be properly equipped for all of your lessons
• Contribute to an orderly, settled and co-operative learning environment which maximises everyone’s opportunities to learn
• Be orderly in moving around the school and the grounds. Walk quietly along corridors and on stairways, keeping to the left
• Commence work within five minutes at the beginning of a new period, without waiting for the arrival of a teacher.


  • Accept the rights of others, both students and staff, to work and learn in an orderly, courteous and friendly environment
  • Leave strictly alone that which does not belong to you
  • Respect school facilities, furniture, equipment and environment
  • Be helpful – open and hold doors for adults and all students older than yourself
  • Help with carrying loads. Ask visitors if they need help and escort them to the area of the school or person they wish to visit
  • Stand on the arrival of the teacher at the beginning of the lesson, and when the Principal or a visitor to the school enters the room
  • Use all equipment and facilities carefully, and then only with proper authority. Return any item to its proper place. Report any fault or breakage to the School Office or the staff member from whom permission was sought
  • Respect yourself


  • Smile and greet others as you walk around the school
  • Show appreciation. Individually, remember to say “thank you”; if in a group, organise one member to speak for all
  • Be kind in words and actions
  • Be a good friend
  • Stand up for those experiencing verbal, physical or cyber harm


  • Preserve and protect the school environment
  • Maintain tidy classrooms
  • Report any damage or hazards
  • Preserve the school grounds, those of other schools and public places from litter
  • Carry out responsibilities efficiently and cheerfully
  • Honour your commitments


  • Work to the best of your ability
  • Do the homework that is set in each subject
  • Ask for help if you need it
  • The guiding principle in all behaviour both in and out of school should be consideration and courtesy for others
  • The good name of the College is involved when you are seen in public places in school uniform, whether you are alone, in groups, or in school parties under the charge of a teacher, or representing the College both in Dunedin and beyond